Recording the Present for the Future

One of the founding aims of the Colwall Village society was to research and record village history. Over the years we have acquired and gained access to a wealth of historic information about Colwall, but there is very little on the every-day lives of the inhabitants of Colwall. The Covid pandemic has seen one of the biggest set of social changes in a generation. We do not know whether the worst is over or whether we will have to learn to live with Covid, but we want to record peoples memories.

Unfortunately, many of these memories will be sad – the loss of family or friends, the inability to hug a grandchild. There have been the challenges of home schooling and working from home. But perhaps there were some silver linings as well – learning how to zoom with distant relations, taking up a new hobby. People in Colwall have come together with the Colwall Coronavirus Careline, the Christmas Advent Calendar, Halloween and Scarecrow trails.

So please help us build up the archive if you live or work in Colwall. All of us have been affected in some way by this pandemic. We are interested in how it has affected your life, regardless as to whether it has been a small or a large effect.

Please email your contribution to
or fill in our online survey at
Living with Covid in Colwall

Data Protection: Your contribution will be held on committee members' computers. We will ask your permission whether we can put your contribution on the internet.

The form of your contribution is up to you. It might be rough notes, a full essay or a photo of the rainbow you drew.

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